Success Stories

Our FreeByrd Members don’t just fly, they soar. Take a look at some of the rockstars we’ve been lucky enough to support. Get a first hand look at what’s possible for your personal brand. Looking this good online isn’t hard. FreeByrd meets you where you’re at and handles the tech.

Meet Jevon

Jevon Devon, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, has been practicing meditation for the last fifteen years. Jevon is a FreeByrd Elevate member which has set the foundation of his membership website and supported the direction of defining his mission and unique services.

Jevon believes that each one of us on earth has a purpose and that is to discover our inner happiness. There is no single route to this fountain of wellbeing.

Meet Laura

With over a decade of diverse experience and impressive accolades, Laura Garcia is an entrepreneur and founder of La Di Beauty. Laura is your go-to girl for both bridal services and commercial shoots alike. With work that’s seen the spotlight from global bridal publications to national ad campaigns, her services have been sought-out by celebrities, photographers and—yes—world renowned bridal gown designer Hayley Paige (a fact that still has us weak in the knees).

Laura is a FreeByrd Elevate member and lead FreeByrd Ambassador of Reno, Nevada. FreeByrd provides full-service digital services including a complete website re-refresh for the La Di Da Beauty On-Location Team.

Laura’s passion for the beauty industry lead her to seek out other like-minded artists who are committed to delivering the same high level of professionalism and service as she is. With all of her leading ladies in place, she formed Team La Di Da. She continues to be both an inspiration to and inspired by her team members every single day.

Meet Nellie

Nellie Davis is the proud female founder of Outsiders Hair Studio. She believes her work behind the chair is more than “just a haircut” and has been strongly involved in community activism, writing a monthly lifestyle column and holding charity fashion events for Cut It Out throughout the years.

Nellie has brought her beauty career from coast to coast working as a guest artist in San Francisco and taken extended on-set education in New York. Her achievements include being named Bangstyle Supreme, Raw Artist “Hairstylist of the Year”, and speaking at TedXReno. She’s creating an emerging trend, offering wellness integrated beauty services as a licensed Reiki Practioner.

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