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Welcome to Take Flight with FreeByrd, an interview style podcast inspiring thousands to find success where they’re at and dream big. Join Cameron Bannister, founder and CEO of FreeByrd, as she interviews influential leaders changing the game of our world’s creative industries. Listen and join the movement while learning from pros who share stories of overcoming life’s biggest obstacles and created their dreams.

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Listen To Yourself Above Everyone Else w/ Presley Poe

Presley Poe is a phenomenal, well rounded artist and educator who NEVER sells herself short. She’s 100% a purebred hairstylist, meaning she never thought to do anything else! Hair pulled her, not the other way around, which is why she is so dedicated to her passionate pursuit of success and excellence with integrity and poise.

Oh, did we mention that she is a @freebyrdco Creative Director and Mentor too!?

Listen to this hilarious and eye opening interview and learn:
- The other career path’s Presley dabbled in before settling down into hair
- Her uncomfortable truth about growth, pain and success
- The words EVERY artist should live by from Mrs. Wagner herself!
- Secrets to success consciousness and how she maintains unstoppable growth
- The insecurities she shares with our other Creative Directors (and how she works through them)
- The surprising, #1 thing she loves about herself
- WTF coddiwomple means and why Pres lives by it

Of course there were a few guest appearances that popped on! Plus, instead of two truths and a lie, Presley shares three of her most embarrassing hair stories! Can you guess what they are ⬇️!?

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Just Be Who You REALLY Are W/ Cate Torrealba

Cate Torrealba is one of our industry’s best. A ROCKSTAR at editorial work, updos, photography and editing, social media… oh, and she’s one of @freebyrdco’s Creative Directors and Mentors!!! We could’ve kept this interview going for hours and can’t wait for you to listen to our fabulous @catetorrealba. Find out:
- Why she quit college ½ way through and decided to go to beauty school
- Why social media has played an integral role to where she is today
- Her surprise interaction that led to her first celebrity client in Hollywood
- The ego check every stylist needs right out of beauty school
- What the hell a Jamaican Rainstorm is!?
- Her surprising, secret career desires (hint: it has nothing to do with hair!)
- How to be strong, stand out and use your voice as boldly as Cate

Oh, and can you guess Cate’s two truths and a lie?!
a) Pretended to be a dinosaur in grade school
b) Had 4 pet snakes growing up in her bedroom
c) Has visited a clothing optional resort in Mexico

Place your guesses in the comments below!

No Regrets w/ Sarai Speer

Ready for some raw, real, jaw dropping discussion!? Listen to this live, in person interview with Cam and Sarai Speer (@theplatinumgiraffe).

This authentic beauty is killin’ the game as a FreeByrd Creative Director, Mentor, online AND in person educator, and bonding specialist.

The number of mic drops in this interview is B E Y O N D. Be prepared to find out:

  • How to get over the fear of being vulnerable (and the incredible magic it can bring your life)
  • What Sarai’s deepest, darkest times looked like and how those helped her pivot into her success
  • What her biggest insecurities are and how she overcomes them
  • Exactly what will fast-track fuel your career and dreams
  • Secrets about her and husband Chefie Lee!
  • A surprise guest appearance… can you guess who?
  • Her top books that have helped through her self-help journey

Oh, and can you guess the answer to her “two truths and a lie”?
a) “I was born in a town of 500 people"
b) “I once ate a 10lb. burrito"
c) "I've cow tipping”

Comment with your guess!

We love you Sarai and thank you for being so heartfelt, honest, outspoken and helping change our industry for the better!

*Struggling with abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety or self-destructive behaviors? Hungry to find your purpose, heal emotional wounds, and love who you truly are? Here are some of Sarai’s top self-help books:

(1) Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop

(2) The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

(3) Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

(4) Make Your Bed by Admiral William H McRaven

(5) Lessons from a 3rd Grade Dropout by Rick Rigsby

(6) The Addiction Recovery Workbook by Paul A Freedman, Psy.D

Love is infinite, when you let it be!

You hear this all the time, but probably don't think it means much. You probably think, "yeah, yeah, okay, we say this, but does it really make a difference?"

What am I talking about? I'm talking about "LOVE IS ENOUGH".

"Love" doesn't sign acts and laws, love doesn't make problems go away, love doesn't put money in the hands that need it the most, love doesn't make my dreams come true, love isn't tangible.

BUT... LOVE is the driving factor that makes everything happen!

LOVE (following my heart and passion for humans) brought me together with these two beautiful girls among many others who are a part of the amazing community DOVE MISSIONS.

These girls took me in like one of their own and showed me their world. They braided my hair, did my lipstick and walked me around like I was their sister and BFF 💜!

We were only strangers a few days before, but it was not long after our hearts connected and we felt so much love for one another.

HATE creates divide and robs us of beautiful moments together, pure of heart, like this one 💜.

The thing is, when that LOVE flows through us all, real change happens because those unnecessary divides dissolve. Fighting turns into active solutions. People feel loved, valued, understood, respected, taken care of so they can then create change, beauty, art, positivity and healing around the world.

Even if you feel loved, others don't. Even though hurt and suffering may not be right in front of you, do not turn a blind eye or cold shoulder. And if you are actively filled with love, please actively search out places and spaces that need it the most.

Open your eyes, use your voice and help where you are. There is a chance for FREEDOM for each and everyone of us.

Dont miss moments that can change your life 😘

I Can’t Live A Lie w/ Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is a true gem. Her light shines brighter than some have ever seen with her unique take on our industry and complete, raw vulnerability. She is a 17+ year hair vet and owner of Honey Hair Salon in West Hollywood, CA. Listen as Rebecca discusses:

  • Managing health issues with our typical go-go-go lifestyle and what you can do to keep up while slowing down to take care of yourself
  • Her journey working with brands, educating on her own, and salon ownership
  • How she plans to take care of her stylists when salons can finally reopen
  • Why the journey is far more enjoyable than getting what you want
  • Her go to solutions for anxiety and why self care for all stylists is a must
  • Understanding how to make more money NOT from behind the chair, even now during cover (time to get creative!)
  • Her solution oriented mindset and how it’s helped her achieve her dreams

This beautiful, powerful, incredible human is one of our favorites to listen to! Catch her on IG with her vulnerable shares, raw content, and hilarious cameos from Ramone and other characters!

Some of the podcasts Rebecca recommended are:

  • Unlocking Us episode by Brene Brown
  • Hair Love Radio by Elizabeth Faye
  • Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina
  • Rise by Rachel Hollis
  • Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

What was your #1 takeaway from Rebecca today? Comment and let us know!

If there’s any voice that needs to be heard right now, it’s Kevin Kirk’s

This beautiful, talented, successful man is a 29+ year hair vet, international master stylist, global educator, 4 times Bronner Bro’s champion, CEO and owner of Kirk Pro products and captain of the Babyliss Pro team. He’s opened his heart to speak his truth and share the real deal on what’s going on in our industry, nation, and world.

Racism needs to be eradicated and incredible humans like Kevin have had to deal with it his entire life. Kevin shares how and why we can be stronger than ever after this is all over, and that the real division between us comes from cultural and economic issues. Listen and learn:

  • The difference between legacy racists and undercover racists
  • The fears and insecurities we all need to be open to admitting
  • The huge hit the beauty industry would have without the black dollar
  • The disgusting racial profiling Kevin, his honor student children have experienced
  • The undervaluing of black artists that is still prevalent on our platforms
  • The respect the black community needs to demand and deserves from the beauty industry (correction, ALL industries)
  • Actions the black community need to take, and other communities need to take to really effect change

Beauty pros, listen up: We need to come together. “The way we do hair is different, but taht doesn’t mean it’s a ‘black skill’.” Black people deserve a fair chance. More white stylists should show up to black shows, and vice versa.

“Please judge me by my skillset and by my character.”

Let’s socialize, talk, and learn to appreciate each other so we can start a new culture.

This description does not do this man or this conversation or the entire black community justice. We urge you to listen to this conversation to learn how to STOP the SILENT INFLUENCE OF RACISM.

Thank you Kevin. We appreciate and love you and hope we can do our part in showcasing you to help make an impact.

Bringing Creativity Back To Life w/ David Abrams

David Abrams, 31+ year hair vet and co-founder of LA’s Luxegroup salons, the exclusive salon of Fashion Week, is reminding us all of what this industry is truly made of. This incredibly creative, caring, business savvy human (and my former boss!) has a lot to say when it comes to going back to work in these interesting times.

Do you feel like all the COVID-19 procedures have made the salon experience into a sterile, disconnected doctor’s visit?

Do you feel like what once was a fashionable, high vibe environment has now turned dull, flat and lifeless?

Do you feel disconnected from your unstoppable passion and fiery inspiration, and lost beneath the fear overwhelming all of us?

Listen to this interview because David has the perfect amount of fire to reinstill in you. He’s reminding us all what it means to be a hair stylist and an ARTIST. Reconnect to your inspiration as David shares what he’s doing at Luxe Lab to move beyond the masks and sterilization procedures and still make clients feel beautiful, renewed, special, and taken care of.

We may have been stripped of all that makes this industry beautiful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t repaint our world and come together as compatriots to remember what truly makes us special.

Thank you SO much @davidabramshair for your unshakeable dedication to creativity, fashion, fun, and highlighting what makes us all happy. Listen to this powerful podcast now 💜

Finding The Calm Within The Storm w/ Patti Plymire

Patti Plymire aka Queen Of The South (yes, yes she is!) is a phenomenal artist, BTC OneShot Finalist '19, braider and barber. She brings the grounded wisdom, calm advice, and integral words we all need to hear right now during COVID-19. We hope you can walk away holding on to this badass pro's advice long term. As we enter into a world reshaped by an uncontrollable pause, her guidance will be sure to help you move forward in growth. 

Patti shares with us how to come back to life as a creative and as a leader, for we are the therapists and the sense of freedom our clients lean on for support! She helps us understand how to find the balance to take care of YOU, the human, first. Listen as Patti and Cam get real about their honest opinion on what has happened, what is to come, and how to maneuver loss of control. It takes great strength to move past your pride, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable! 

And if you're going through a dark moment, know this: "Something I constantly tell myself is that after the darkness, no matter how dark it is, there will always be light, and how can you appreciate it if you don't know the dark? The darkness doesn't last forever and it's just part of the growing stepping stones of what we are. So much love and light to you all and know it will, will, will ultimately get better."

Keeping Your Heart Open + Inspired w/ Lupe Voss

If Lupe Voss doesn’t have pure LOVE for this industry, then we don’t know what love is! A 38+ year veteran, 32 year salon owner, 21 year educator, Aveda Art Director, Aveda Advanced Academy Educator, part of the Hair Color Magic Team and one of the greatest technical artists of our industry, Lupe is giving us some purely inspirational content to keep your hearts and minds inspired.

Learn from this magical creative how to use this time most effectively if you want to grow to a level of creative excellence that you admire and adore from your favorite artists. She’s sharing some incredible tips for honing your craft, how to practice even if you don’t have a mannequin, and how to do the self work that will keep you going no matter what.

A lover of education, creating curriculum, and teaching young pros the technical aspects that keeps their creativity unlocked, we are so appreciative to have this artist on our podcast and know you’re going to LOVE what she has to share. 

Make sure to check out the Hair Color Magic Team where Lupe and the rest of the team are dishing up some incredible knowledge to formulate predictable results! https://instagram.com/haircolormagic // https://haircolormagic.net

Pure Curiosity + Creativity w/ Philip Wolff

Philip Wolff is an industry favorite because of his pure authenticity and creative genius. We were so lucky enough to have him on our Take Flight podcast where he shared his beautiful journey into hair. Philip has covered all of the bases available to us artists -- from salon work, celebrity styling, editorial and movie shoots, global educating and developing his own brand... how did he move through our industry so fluidly? Listen and learn about Philip the artist, but more importantly, Philip the human.

Create the success you dream of, today

It’s a myth that beauty professionals have to struggle their way to the top, or that it takes years to make a name for yourself. Find out what next steps you can take to ensure you build a thriving brand doing what you love.

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