$35 per month - No Commitment

If you’re just starting out building your career, or want to make things easier on yourself by generating consistent income, we can help.  Building a consistent business is easy and fun with our unique membership. You don’t have to struggle to find clients or feel like your goals are out of reach. Get clear on your vision, outline steps to succeed, and learn from experts the path to creating your dreams. We show you how simple it can be.

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Nest gives creatives like you the business building and online support you need to create a foundation of consistency and stability so you can start to grow. No matter how long you’ve been doing what you love, Nest meets you where you’re at and gives you tools to make things simple.

Create A Reliable Income

Boom and bust cycles stop when you learn how to consistently attract clients. We teach you to increase your income step-by-step.

Social Media Made Simple

Having a professional social presence is simple with a proper plan in place. Make it easy for clients to find you online.

Private Access To Influencers

Get exclusive access to your favorite industry influencers. FreeByrds can sit with the best during live online and in person workshops.


No matter where you’re at in your career, you deserve to grow. Take the stress and hustle out of building a business that creates your goals.

Your Nest Membership includes:
  • Instant access to our Branding Digital Program: go at your own pace and learn the steps to build a personal brand that attracts clients
  • 10% Off All Services: get social media help, graphic design, coaching from experts, and FreeByrd event tickets all at 10% off
  • Social Media Calendar Template: make knowing what to post and when on social media easy with our one-month, reusable calendar
  • 24/7 Text Support: text Karen any time to ask questions or reach out for advice, while also receiving daily accountability support
  • Private, invite only influencer events: sit in on conversations with your favorite creative pros and ask their advice online and in person


Take a look at what’s possible for you as a FreeByrd through the eyes of our creative members.

FreeByrd is making a splash in the industry. It is such a cool company. Hairstylists meet tech. I'm freaking pumped to be a mentor with FreeByrd!
Sarai S.
FreeByrd is already an amazing community, but people are realizing it is also a tool that everyone in the industry benefits from.
Jen D.
This is what will make FreeByrds soar! Every person will feel the genuine love and be inspired by the community they have created allowing [artists] to be free!


I'm not active on social media and don't know where to start. Can Nest help?

Absolutely! With our Branding Digital Program, access to mentor support, social calendar template, and 10% off marketing services, you’ll learn to get set up or have it taken care of for you. 

What if I want a website. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Our Pro Membership includes a beautifully designed webpage to showcase your brand and services. Elevate designs websites for educators and those selling products. 

What's the difference between Nest, Pro, and Elevate?

Pro and Elevate offer the same support as Nest, but with more options. Visit each page to learn more.

How do I know if I'm charging enough for my services?

Our Branding Digital Program will help you decide this, or you can work with a FreeByrd Mentor to help you at 10% off their services.

I'm worried I don't have time to go through the Program. Should I still start?

Absolutely! You can learn at your own pace with any of our Memberships. It’s there when you need it or want it, and is the least time intensive option. That way, you can still grow with a busy schedule.

Are your influencer events all online, or will I get access to see them in person?

We’re here to support creative pros all around the world where they need it. We have exclusive interviews where you can sit in live virtually, and will be sharing details of in person events we have planned in the near future.

Create the success you dream of today

The myth of the ‘starving artist’ stops here. Learn what it takes to grow a business that satisfies your dreams in a way that’s easy and simple. 

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