FreeByrd – March 2020

Hi beautiful FreeByrd👋🥰!

Was your February as crazy exciting as ours!? I don’t know about you, but 2020 sure has lived up to the hype over here at FreeByrd HQ. As a valued member of our community, we wanted to share with you the love we’ve been creating!

Exciting News

Sick of the headache of social media? We gotchu! FreeByrd now offers social media management 🙌. What that means is we have several new Membership levels that offer:

  • Custom posts (graphics and written caption)
  • Custom hashtags
  • Scheduled posting
  • Community engagement (ie. commenting, liking, and DM’ing)


You’ll still need to man your Stories, but some (or all) of the rest can be covered by us! Elevate Pro, Plus, and Max can all help. Take a look here: www.freebyrd.io/elevate

Lots of other nerdy techy stuff happened too, but we won’t bore you with those details 😉.


“FreeByrd IS a movement!” — Rebecca Taylor @Rebeccataylorhair


Byrds Taking Flight

Please help us welcome aboard our newest Elevate members to FreeByrd! If you haven’t already, check out these badasses who are now a part of the family:


Listen, Learn and Fall In Love

We had some incredible, incredible humans on our IGTV interviews this month. Click the name of your favorite artist and have a listen now:


“You guys are a GODSEND!” — Sarai Speers | @theplatinumgiraffe


Let’s Meet Up!

You saw us flying around the U.S. in January to Austin, TX for the All Hands on Deck event and then Long Beach, CA for ISSE and the NAHA 2020 Awards. We’re taking off again and would love to see you in person! Catch us at:


Byrds Flyin’ High

Let’s celebrate some of our member’s successes! Want to share yours in our next newsletter? Just hit ‘reply’ or text us at: 775-404-0191.

  • Current Elevate Member generated $35,000 in less than 3 weeks by adding ticket sales option to their website 
  • 40+ year hair veteran was able to double her books with our optimization of their Google listing, one page website and social media presence
  • Hair educator sold out of first online classes with our online education technology
  • Helped several independent stylists and educators develop first set of online education classes, creating their first opportunity for passive streams of income 
  • Brand educator successfully going independent full time with ticket sales of in person events and turning their unique education into an online course


Whew, what a whirlwind — we hope you’re experience just the same, if not more, success as we are 😍! Leaving you to carry on through March with this love bomb:

Life moves incredibly fast.

As humans we struggle to grasp the complexity of time and find ourselves circling circumstances, issues, train of thoughts and so on to seek comfort in an ever changing world.

Regardless of where you began, where are you, right now?

What have you learned?

What felt right? Wrong?

Life can be magical if we could all understand that each of us, each day is showing up just trying to make it. 

How we show up will always look different and that is honestly the most beautiful part to me, but too many times I see people stuck just like i was.

Stuck in a way of thinking that limited the very nature of my essence. A way of life that was not mine, finally separating from it to be truly free and being ok with it, now what?

What got me here, will not get me where I want to go. The limits I allowed myself to have. The doubt that held me back. I understand that life has a beginning and an end.

That each moment if we allow it to be, can be magical. I chose this!

My hope is that no matter who you are, where you are, what you do or what you have done, you celebrate it!! Be proud and live true to you each day.

Keep flyin’ high FreeByrds and remember who you are.


💕Cam, Derik, Van + Jenn

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