Local Reno Hair Stylist Paves The Way For Beauty Professionals To Build Their Business

One of Reno’s local residents, an 11+ year traveling hair stylist, has opened doors to an online ‘beauty education platform’ — programs officially started August 5, 2019.

FreeByrd, founded by Cameron Bannister, has launched a mentorship and business building company to help independent beauty professionals such as hair stylists, estheticians, and makeup artists, create a sustainable business and long-term career success. 

The platform will be supporting students who have just started their beauty careers, or are ready to create consistent, recurring income, while positioning themselves for opportunities to scale their business. Students will receive online training modules, weekly mentoring, a private support community, a personal website, and brand evaluation.

FreeByrd is actively signing up new ‘FreeByrds’ on a daily basis, along with successful, industry experts, such as Laura Myers of Omaha, Nebraska, and Reno local Laura Christopher. 

The company also supports larger business and salon owners with bespoke marketing and web development, brand strategy, and will be launching a podcast titled, “Take Flight with FreeByrd”. The podcast will have guest interviews with successful beauty business owners, as well as branding and marketing advice for its listeners. 

Cameron explained her reasons for starting FreeByrd.

She said: “Our vision is for all independent beauty professionals to be more successful today and have a brighter tomorrow. We’re helping educate and mentor through in-person and virtual workshops, group and private mentoring, masterminds, easy to use digital courses, and more.”

Currently, Cameron is meeting prospects face to face as often as possible, stating: “I am really focused on my engagement with our pros and want each of them to feel like they have sat down and had coffee with me or at least the feeling like that. It’s important to me that they feel a personal connection, like they’re truly being taken care of by a team who wants to see them succeed into their vision and career goals.”

The platform can be found at https://freebyrd.io and is hosting local Happy Hours triweekly to create a sense of community, connection, and incubation for growth with current and prospective FreeByrds. 

For media inquiries contact Cameron or Derik Bannister, Co-founders at:

Phone: (530) 736-9864

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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