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Take a look at just some of the possibilities we give beauty professionals and established business owners to grow their brand and achieve their goals. 

Build Your Personal Brand

You're not just a beauty professional, you're a powerful personal brand! You don't have to keep feeling like a hidden gem or relying on a second job. With our expert curriculum and support in branding yourself online, you'll create a social media presence that attracts clients and lets you express your unique self. Learn how to create a personal brand that's as beautiful and professional as the creative experts you admire. Start to feel like you're actually growing into the vision you have for your career.

Design A Professional Website

Pros like you need a well designed online presence that lets clients know you're a boss at what you do. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to design your own website, let us take care of it for you. Walk through our simple process to showcasing your personality and services on a webpage that you get to customize. Don't worry about picking a website name or keeping it running, either. We've got it covered!

Create A Reliable Income

You didn't start your career as a beauty professional to struggle! It's time to learn the practical steps to creating an income and regular clientele you can rely on. If you're working a second or third job, you'll soon be able to say goodbye as you walk through our branding and marketing training, and continuously learn from successful experts in the industry. It doesn't have to take several more years in business to profit.

Expand Your Community

We know you want your brand in front of thousands and thousands of die hard buyers! Using strategic marketing tactics, and guidance from our tech support, we help your brand go from hidden gem to expert leader. Not only will this help increase your opportunity for repeat clients, it will position your brand so that other businesses, partnerships, and industry influencers will want to work with you.

Reach Next Level Goals

“We are better together” is our motto at FreeByrd, which is why we have the expert support you need to reach your next level goals. Flying solo will only get you so far, and investing in your dreams is what will turn them into a reality. We have a team of industry experts who can help give you the right business direction and peace of mind that the steps you are taking will propel you into new heights.

Access Exclusive Event Discounts

Because you are now part of FreeByrd's growing, successful family, you'll be the first to know about our opportunities to work with industry leading coaches, experts, and influencers, as well as in person events. These events are exclusive to our community and will give you the supportive network and connection to creative pros you admire. We bring our FreeByrd's the best our industry has to offer so you can continue to excel.


FreeByrd is empowering beauty professionals with the business skills, industry expertise, and marketing tech support to take their careers to the next level. Not only do we help budding beauty bosses create consistent income and a personal brand that fuels their soul, but we help established business owners elevate their brand and grow as educators, salon owners, and more.

If you share our vision for all creatives and beauty professionals to be successful doing what they love, and achieve the business they dream of, join us as an exclusive FreeByrd Influencer. You’ll help us make an impact, and you’ll give yourself the ability to financially grow. 



Sharing our passion helping beauty bosses succeed at doing what lights them up through our all encompassing services.



Empowering beauty professionals with the tools they need to grow stronger and more confident as they achieve their dreams.



Helping beauty pros feel supported and heard as they grow through connection to industry experts and interactive memberships.

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We pay our Ambassador 5% commission every month from every referral that signs up. 

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