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Interested in becoming a FreeByrd Ambassador Partner?

The FreeByrd Ambassador Program allows you to earn an incredible recurring commission while referring bustling beauty bosses to learn how to successfully build a business that continues to grow.

Our product, customer service, and marketing resources make it easier than ever for you to recommend a product you can joyfully stand behind. Because we stand behind the success of every customer.

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Empowering stylists to stop spinning their wheels and start getting paid what they deserve

You’re here to give your clients the magnificent look they’ve been dreaming of, not struggle each day wondering how to attract clients or raise your prices.

Attract Clients Stylist Love

Let us show you how to build relationships with clients who respect your work. There are more than enough regular clients out there for everyone.

Maximize Worth

Maximize your growth and boost your business like the boss you are, and get paid like one. You’ve worked hard to become the pro you are today!

Generate Consistent Income

With the right marketing strategy, you can move towards making your yearly income goal in just one month. Stop living through boom and bust cycles in your business.

Get Referrals On Repeat

With our referral generating process, you won’t have to worry where your next client is coming from. Discover how to have your clients do half the work for you.

Build a Strategy For Long-term Growth

Let’s create a strategy that shows you how to create your long term goals. You don’t want to just ‘make a living’ - you’ve got a big vision!

Create a Lifestyle

You deserve time away from the chair to travel, enjoy your family, and live a healthy lifestyle.


FreeByrd is empowering independent beauty professionals with the skills needed to take their careers to new heights using tools, resources, and education taught by industry greats.

Our vision is for all independent beauty professionals to be more successful today and have a brighter tomorrow. We’re helping educate and mentor through in-person and virtual workshops, group and private mentoring, masterminds, easy to use digital courses, and more.



We’re passionate about helping independent beauty professionals succeed at doing what they love to do.



We’re here to empower beauty pro’s with the tools they need to grow stronger and more confident as they achieve their dreams.



Through our high quality, interactive, personable courses and programs, we help beauty pros feel supported and heard as they grow.

Earn 10% Recurring Commission

As a FreeByrd Ambassador you’ll earn a 10% commission each month from everyone you refer. That means if you send us an account worth $99/month, you’ll earn $9.90. Every month.

Our recurring and compounding affiliate commissions mean you’ll win as your network wins! FreeByrd offers 2 different membership levels for you to promote for your audience. Check out our plans page here.