7 Steps To Picking A Domain Name For Your Brand

Hey beauty boss! You’re off to the races building a powerful brand you love — but first, you need a website.

Great! Wait… how do I even get started?

First things first: picking a domain name. A what? A domain name, or rather the name of your website. 

What Is A Domain Name?

Think of your website as your baby who you have to decide a name for. “www.freebyrd.io” is our domain name. Other examples include:

You’ve probably noticed yourself that there are many different endings to websites now too. Obviously, the most common is “.com”, but “.io”, “.me”, and “.shop” are becoming increasingly popular. 

Where Can I Get My Domain Name?

There are several providers available to search for and purchase a domain. The most popular one that we also recommend is GoDaddy. When you visit GoDaddy’s website (www.godaddy.com), you’ll see a search bar at the top of their page. In the search bar, in light gray text, you’ll see “Find your perfect domain” — this is where you can search for a domain you have in mind and discover if it is available or not. 

Below in this article, we’ll help you decide on a domain name to search for that is creative and represents your brand clearly to your clients. It’s good to have a few options picked out because one of them may already be taken. Once you have 1-3 in mind, type just the domain name in the search bar.

GoDaddy will then direct you to a new page that will show your name as “available” and the price it can be purchased at. If it is “taken”, GoDaddy will list a few suggestions for you to pick from. 

Most domains are priced at $11.99 (not including tax or other add-ons). If your domain is seen as a “premium” name, meaning it is high in demand or a word/phrase that is searched for often, the price may be higher. 

Once you find the domain you want and it is available, you’ll follow through GoDaddy’s steps to purchasing it. They offer other services such as email, which is something we also suggest as it looks more professional. 


Domain: www.cameronbannister.com
Email: [email protected]

Instead of: [email protected], or [email protected]

How Do I Pick My Domain Name?

There’s probably domain names you’ve visited that you had a hard time remembering, or even wondered what the name had to do with the brand. We want to help you avoid this and guide you to decide the best option possible! Keep reading for our 7 Steps To Picking A Domain Name For Your Brand. 

Use Your Name

You’d be surprised how many people don’t think that they can use their name for their brand. But in fact, this is often the most powerful thing you can do, especially if you want to be seen as an industry leader long term! Here’s why choosing your name for your domain is a great idea and will help build your business: 

  • It builds trust and rapport with clients (they have to remember your name to get to your website)
  • It’s straightforward and clear
  • It makes you more memorable
  • It’s unique to you 
  • It solidifies YOU as YOUR brand

Now, what if you have a name that is common, or the website version of your name is already taken? 

You can play with different domain extensions like we mentioned above (“.io”, “.life”, etc.) for one option. Another option is to shorten your name or go with a nickname that most people call you by. 

For example, my name is Cameron, but I go by Cam most times. If www.cameronbannister.com was already taken, I might see if www.cambannister.com is available for use instead. 

Know Your Niche

The extension you choose isn’t as important as the actual name of your domain. Since you’re building a personal brand off of your skills as a beauty pro, you either want to choose your name (the name you go by), or something that fits with your brand and your niche. 

Let’s say you want to be known as the BEST at bridal up-do’s in your local area of Dallas. You could, of course, choose your name as your domain name, but another option would be something that tells people who you are and what you do before they even get to your website. 

Some examples could look like:


Using my name again as an example, if I wanted to be known specifically for coloring, I might try www.camthecolorist.com or www.colorgirlcam.com

Make It Easy To Understand

Understanding your niche also means understanding your clientele. Yes, you’re creative, but if who you want to work with doesn’t really understand your style, and you don’t have the branding to back it up, there’s going to be a disconnect in how easily you can keep consistent clients. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t use, for example, a word that’s not in English. But if you want to work with predominately English speaking customers, picking a word or phrase very difficult for them to pronounce in their native tongue isn’t always the best option. 

Your brand needs to be a beautiful representation of YOU so you can feel like you are expressing your creativity and true individuality. But you always want to keep in mind that you are an artist, but also a service provider and you don’t want to create opportunities for your ideal clients to feel embarrassed, confused, or ignorant. If you have a hard time saying it or feel like it’s a mouthful, others will too.


There’s a popular abbreviation in the business world called “K.I.S.S.”, or keep it simple stupid. Pause: no one’s calling you stupid! Don’t blame the messenger ;). 

But there’s great truth behind this acronym because often times simple can work really, really well. I never want a FreeByrd to feel creatively stifled, but when it comes to your domain name, if your personal name isn’t available, make it easy for people to remember you with something simple. 

Is it on the shorter side? Is it easy to say? Is it relatable?

You as a brand will stick out in prospect’s heads because it’s easy to remember. 

Have Fun!

That being said, let’s say you do choose a domain name that feels a little “blah” because of how simple it is. How can you play with that word or phrase in your content marketing and branding so you still feel like you’re expressing your creativity? 

Simple sometimes is a blessing in disguise because it gives you LOTS of options to play with, for example, in how you brand your services, the signature you put on emails you send clients, the imagery you choose for your social media content, and more. 

Stay Away From Numbers

Using actual numerical figures (i.e. “7” vs. “seven”) isn’t typically a good idea when it comes to your branding. For web domains, you take a gamble on whether or not someone will actually find your website. Let’s say your domain name has the number “13” in it. People may be trying to find you online, but instead, are typing out the word “thirteen” and not even thinking about trying numbers. Some people may not know you can have numerical figures in domain names altogether. 

Stick to powerful words, adjectives, and of course your name if you can.

Check For It On Social

Even though your web domain isn’t going to be trademarked, it’s important to see what other representation this name has by other brands on social media. Is there another stylist or person in the beauty industry using “La Belle” as their brand? Even if they aren’t in your area… even if they don’t do anything close to what you provide, you could still miss out on customers. 

Pick something that you can (ideally) streamline all of your social media handles with. We ran into this issue with our FreeByrd Instagram handle. It’d be nice to have the IG name “@freebyrd”, but because this is already taken, we’ve had to go with “@freebyrdco”. 

Ready To Get Started?

You’re already three steps ahead of a lot of your competition — congrats! Even though we all know the power of social media, most independent beauty professionals never build a website. 

When you pick a domain name that’s easy to find, easy to remember, and easy to understand how it relates to your brand, you position yourself as a leader to your ideal clients. 

As a FreeByrd member, we build your website and maintain it for you, so the only work you have to do is picking a domain name… that’s it! Our team of tech experts helps you create a beautiful, professional website so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Not a FreeByrd yet? Find out how you can join us and create a brand that lets you create consistent income from your creative skillset!

Find out more at www.freebyrd.io/programs 

Have a domain name in mind, but aren’t sure if it’s a good direction to go in? Comment below and we’ll let you know our expert opinion!

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