Everything You Need To Go Next Level

If you’re an artist with business dreams, we’re the go-to team to create them. From websites and social media, to selling courses and products online, we do it all and give you expert support in the process.

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Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality

Reach your goals, create more impact and bring your vision to life.

Educate Or Sell Products Online

Let experts help you market and sell your unique skillset.

Increase Income With A Website

Have a professionally designed website that helps you earn more.

The Simple Way To Achieve Your Goals

You’re a creative pro with unique skills who wants to grow by giving back and teaching what you know. But you’re overwhelmed trying to make it possible with a busy schedule and not knowing where to start. We make it easy for you with industry experts who give you high quality web design, marketing, and tech support.

Support You Need To Scale And Grow

Flying solo is hard in this industry because you’re up against thousands of others trying to achieve the same things. With our mentorship support and collaborative community, you’ll always be met where you’re at and receive the level of guidance that helps you succeed.

FreeByrds Create Their Dreams

FreeByrd is making a splash in the industry. It is such a cool company. Hairstylists meet tech. I'm freaking pumped to be a mentor with FreeByrd!
Sarai S.
FreeByrd is already an amazing community, but people are realizing it is also a tool that everyone in the industry benefits from.
Jen D.
This is what will make FreeByrds soar! Every person will feel the genuine love and be inspired by the community they have created allowing [artists] to be free!

Make Your Success Easy

Stories of the “starving artist” or fighting your way to the top stop here. It doesn’t have to take years to reach your goals. This is your one-stop, simple solution to create what you need to grow.