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Let us help you build a brand and website that helps you stand out. Grow a regular client base. Generate reliable income and a lifestyle on your terms. Let FreeByrd be your guide!


Unclip your wings and get ready to soar.



Create a brand that helps you stand out. Grow a regular client base. Generate reliable income and a lifestyle on your terms. Let FreeByrd be your guide!

  • Professional website
  • Website Hosting
  • Live Weekly Workshops
  • Access to private FreeByrd Facebook community​
  • Text Support
  • Digital Marketing Curriculum



Building a successful, growing beauty business is not meant to happen on your own. Our FreeByrd PRO program provides you:

  • Professional website
  • Website Hosting
  • Live weekly workshops
  • Access to private FreeByrd Facebook community​
  • Text Support
  • Digital Marketing Curriculum
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Editable Social Content (5 post per week)


Starting at $250

Ready to scale your business into multiple offers, and dreams that won’t happen alone? Our FreeByrd Elevate option provides tailored options without Agency costs:

  • Individual, one-on-one coaching support
  • Personalized guidance for strategic growth
  • High level support from our team of experts

Stop spinning your wheels and start getting paid what you deserve

You’re here to give your clients the magnificent look they’ve been dreaming of, not struggle each day wondering how to attract clients or raise your prices.

Attract Clients You Love

Let us show you how to build relationships with clients who respect your work. There are more than enough regular clients out there for everyone.

Know Your Worth

Maximize your growth and boost your business like the boss you are, and get paid like one. You’ve worked hard to become the pro you are today!

Generate Consistent Income

With the right marketing strategy, you can move towards making your yearly income goal in just one month. Stop living through boom and bust cycles in your business.

Get Referrals On Repeat

With our referral generating process, you won’t have to worry where your next client is coming from. Discover how to have your clients do half the work for you.

Build a Strategy For Long-term Growth

Let’s create a strategy that shows you how to create your long term goals. You don’t want to just ‘make a living’ - you’ve got a big vision!

Create a Lifestyle on Your Terms

You deserve time away from the chair to travel, enjoy your family, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching from Top Beauty Professionals

You may have gone to one of the top beauty schools in the nation, but the one thing they didn’t teach you is how to run a successful beauty business. You can learn all the tricks of the trade, but without a foundation built to achieve your dreams and goals, you got nothin’.

FreeByrd was created to help bustling beauty bosses like you learn how to successfully build a business that continues to grow. End the hustle and struggle and shine like a beauty rockstar.

Ready to rise to the top? 

Become a freebyrd mentor

Are you a veteran beauty expert who’s ready to give back? Give back to our industry while earning a supplemental income.

FreeByrd Transforms Beauty Professionals Lives

Through our cutting edge coaching programs and business education, we’re helping beauty professionals like you quit struggling and hustling for clients and start generating reliable income.

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Working with Cameron was a wonderful experience. She was able to see potential in me when I thought I was struggling. When I thought I just wasn't good at something she was able to tell that I just needed better understanding. She really made sure I was able to comprehend when she was teaching me things and that I knew how to do it and why I was doing it that way.
Skylar B.
Dallas, Texas
Working with Cameron has been and absolute pleasure. It took me a while to get used to her super outgoing, sweet, bubbly personality, but I would work side by side with this one any day of the week! She offers advice and her knowledge in the industry to everyone. She is a true hairstylist at the core who works to do what’s right for both stylists and clients. She’s so talented, and it’s just an honor to work with this woman!
Danielle H.
Dallas, Texas
Having worked with Cameron for over 10 years I can say she’s one of the best! Absolutely one of the most talented, passionate, on trend stylist out there.
Lisa R.
Dallas, Texas

Create the success you dream of, today

It’s a myth that beauty professionals have to struggle their way to the top, or that it takes years to make a name for yourself. Find out what your next steps are to taking control of your life and building a brand that you love.